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Like with many things in life, there are companies whose primary objective is to secure the next Air Conditioning or Solar deal and then there is Climate Changers, whose specialist consultants will take the time to explain to you what you really need and ought to know before you hand over your hard earned money on an investment of this magnitude.

That's why 70% of our business proudly comes from referrals, our clients who are more than happy to recommend us. See what our clients say...

 What is an Air Conditioning Solution?

Ducted Reverse Cycle

Split Systems

If you install an Air Conditioner in a particular area without examining the existing area, window treatments, floor plan, heat loads, cold pockets and room dividers you could expect to be paying far more for your choice of Air Conditioner through exorbitant electricity costs. An Air Conditioning Solution means that a trained Air Conditioning specialist will conduct a thorough examination of the premises, then aim to meet the needs of you the client, creating a strategy for achieving your needs through the most appropriate and cost effective device/s and methods.

Call Today - 9523 1377

 At Climate Changers, Quality reigns above low pricing. 

Sure, you could buy a cheap Air Conditioning System, but you will probably be disappointed. There are three integral parts to selecting your preferred Air Conditioning/Solar company:

1. Trusting the unit brand and quality of components 2. Trusting the specialist consultants honesty 3. Trusting the installers skill and back-up servicing.

Contact us now and let us create precision comfort for you, your loved ones and all who seek a lifestyle of comfort. Our Climate Specialists are ready to advise you on a solution towards your ideal climate without wasting money in high energy costs.

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